Our Mission

At Namoo we believe that your body holds all answers. We encourage our practitioners to trust their body’s innate wisdom and therefore do not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow our basic exercises. Our classes accommodate people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels to participate comfortably at their own pace.

Our classes vary throughout the week and by each center. A basic class includes deep meridian stretching, core strengthening, meditation, refreshing cool-down, and tea time. Each class lasts about 1 hour.

Classes Overview

Daily classes are the backbone of Namoo yoga programs. Whether you take a morning class for an active day, or an evening class for resting your busy mind, our signature exercises of relaxation, energy awareness, and core-building will leave you feeling strong, calm, and refreshed. Our classes vary throughout the week for a more dynamic practice experience. A typical Namoo yoga class lasts about an hour and includes:


Warm-Up (Core Strengthening Exercises)

These include tapping and abdominal exercises to release tension and prepare the body for Meridian Exercises.


Tao Yin Meridian Exercises

Deep stretching, twisting, and joint rotation exercises to improve circulation and alignment. These exercises stimulate the body’s energy pathways, called meridians.


Core Energy Breathing

Breathing exercise based on the energy system of the human body to develop and strengthen the core and foster natural healing.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an Asian martial art practiced for many reasons including defense training, its health benefits such as balance and core strengthening. The chi in Tai Chi means qi or ki, “life energy.” The concept of Tai Chi appears in Taoist philosophy, where it represents the fusion of Ying and Yang into a single ultimate.


Energy Meditation

Learn to relax and shift your focus away from busy thoughts through enhanced energy awareness.


Cool Down (Energy Refreshing Exercises)

End each class with rejuvenating meridian stretching to promote energy flow.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thusday Friday Saturday
9:30am-10:30am Holistic Yoga Holistic Yoga Holistic Yoga
10:30am-11:30am Core Connection
& Detox
Yoga Tai Chi Energy Movement
11:30am-12:30am Holistic Yoga
5:45pm-6:45pm Core Connection
& Detox
Yoga Tai Chi
6:30pm-7:30pm Holistic Yoga Holistic Yoga Energy Movement
7:30pm-8:30pm Core Connection
& Detox
Yoga Tai Chi

Price List

One Month


Unlimited Classes for one month Includes one individual customized care session

Three Month


Unlimited Classes for three month
Includes three individual customized care sessions

Six Month


Unlimited Classes for six month
Includes six individual customized care sessions

One year


Unlimited classes for one year
Includes twelve individual customized care sessions

Drop In


(Vallid for 1 month)

Ten Class


10 Class Pass (Vallid for 6 months)


I joined the Centreville studio in March of 2011, and as I said in class so many times, it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. When I joined, I was, for many reasons, overwhelmed with anxiety and knew I needed guidance to get back on a path to peace and happiness. Dahn Yoga practices and Yun were my answers. Yun is one of the most genuine and humble persons I know. He takes the time to know each member and understand their concerns in order to better help them with their journey to become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. After a short while of attending classes, I started feeling like a "new" person, couldn't wait to go to class and learned how to incorporate what I learned in class to help me deal with my stress on a daily basis. Remembering to breathe...REALLY breathe was key for me. All of the instructors are so great, bringing their own individuality and energy to each class. At the end of each, I always felt stronger and energized physically and refreshed and calmer mentally. So, if you're looking for a nonjudgmental friendly place to become physically stronger and better deal with stress and anxiety, Body and Brain in Centreville is the place for you. You won't regret it. Sarah Carty, Centreville
I joined this place a few months ago in October. My first experience was breathtaking. Hardly three months have elapsed and I have started feeling different emotionally and physically, full of hope. I have improved in many ways, to mention but a few... self-confidence, examining and knowing my inner self, self healing and meditation. I am still learning a lot and have a long way to go but it is a journey worth every mile. The Masters and other staff members at this place is amazing, very helpful, friendly and charming. I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with anything in their lives to try out Body and Brain Yoga, you will never regret it. Emma Barreto, Fairfax
I joined Namoo Yoga in March 2012. I had been faced with a health issue and decided I needed to find a way to live a healthier and more contented lifestyle. Through Namoo Yoga I have not only become emotionally happier but have physically challenged myself in areas I previously had not. J Tarascio
After spending only 2 months at Body & Brain, the changes and benefits I have experienced in my life have been truly amazing. Here you will find the teachings of Dahn yoga, which is a unique practice in the way that it combines yogic postures with a mixture of tai-chi, breathwork, rhythmic dancing, and meditation. The emphasis is ultimately on training your brain to operate at different frequencies and using it to heal the body. There is a real sense of community among the members that attend regularly, all of whom know each other by name. For me, the Body & Brain center has become a source of motivation to make myself and my life better each day through even the smallest actions. Master Yun is a humble teacher who gives himself fully to each student, often spending time speaking with them one-on-one about their own progress. Words can't really describe how much it means to be surrounded by people who are determined to heal their lives. Whether you are looking for a journey inside of yourself, or to simply release the stress and tension of everyday life, the opportunity is there waiting at Body & Brain. Kristen Jenkins,VA

A Private One Hour Introductory Session $29 (Reg. $99)

Private sessions are a great way to meet your individual needs for body-mind health, relaxation and stress management. If you're new to yoga, have a physical condition that needs special attention, or you would just like to have a specialized consultation regarding your personal practice we highly recommend private sessions. Call 703.266.5363, email, or make an appointment below appointment below.


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